The Exorcist (Novel)

Summary: “The terror began so unobtrusively they might have forgotten all about it. Noises in Regan’s room, an odd smell, misplaced furniture, an icy chill. Small annoyances for which Chris MacNeil, Regan’s actress mother, easily found plausible explanations. The changes in eleven-year-old Regan were so gradual, too, that Chris, busy filming a new picture, did not recognize for some time how much her daughter’s behavior had altered. And even when she did, the endless medical tests that followed shed no light on Regan’s symptoms, which grew increasingly severe and frightening. It was almost as if a different personality had invaded the little girl. The very house thickened with the sense of an evil presence.”

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Get it on Amazon

Title: The Exorcist
Author: William Peter Blatty
Page Count: 400
Type: Paperback

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